Myles Jeffrey

· Born in 1884.

· 1905 moved to Oak Lead Road, Athens.

· Few Years Later Myles went to Brockville to begin an apprenticeship with Nelson Gilbert of Gilbert Motorboat co. Ltd

· He work here till 1912

· He built boats for 50 years

· 1912 Myles Married Olive Chant of Chantry, Ontario

· They moved to Lachine, Quebec were he worked for an established     boat  building firm unit 1924

· Early 1924 the Jeffrey family moved to Algonac and a position with the Chris-craft corporation (U.S.A)

· 1926 he held the Joiner Foreman in the Algonac Plant (U.S.A.)

· 1932 the Jeffrey Family moved back to Athens, Ontario Canada

· Myles bought a property on Henry Street in Athens.

· He started a Boat company that lasted about 26 Years

· Myles built one boat each winter

· The boats were the size of the shop

· 50 Boats over 26 Years

· 1941-1943 he worked part-time at Gilbert Boat works working on military contracts.

· In June 1954 there was an article in the Athens, Reporter. Myles Jeffrey stated that he had built 45 inboard motorboats up to that time.

· The last boat he built was in the winter of 1957-1958. He was 74 years old.

· Jeffrey was employed at Canadian Army Officers Training Centre in Brockville. (During the war years)


Many former Jeffrey boat owners can recall trips to Athens to see their boats at various stages of construction. They found Jeffrey to be a man who preferred to work at his own pace and who would always take the time to discuss any questions or concerns they had about their boats.