The Shop

Originally been built as a blacksmiths forge

The full second story was used mainly; this is where the boat hulls were actually constructed.

Overall length of the upper floor was 25 feet plus a two-foot extension built on the back for extra workroom.

There were double doors in the front wall which is how Myles moved the boats from the second story to the ground level the opening was 8 feet wide by 5`6`` high.

The second story was for lying out and framing the boat, also to complete the hull and deck.

The completed hulls were run our on a monorail and lowered down onto a four-wheel wagon-type trailer at ground level.

He had a separate building on the property that was used to store boats as completed or in the process of completion.

Contraction was normally started in the fall, so that Jeffrey’s could have them ready to launch in the spring and take the summer months off.

Partially completed hull on the second story of the shop, a second boat at the ground level being fitted with an engine, seating and hardware and a third boat in storage awaiting proper weather conditions for finishing.

Mostly he worked alone, he did employ his brother in law Perley Chant